1. Little Boat

From the album 'Song Be My Soul' by Deborah Rose

Words and Music by Ian King
Vocals - Deborah Rose
Piano - Ian King
Flute - Praful Mystik



Little boat, lies uneasy, on the dark waves tonight
Do you feel safe within your harbour anchor tide?

Or do you long to break away, throw off your chain;
And sail beyond the rim of your horizon?

Little boat, are you afraid to go where life is still unknown?
D’you feel the world out there is far too big to face alone?

Well there are many other boats lying here with you
Together you can sail to oceans new

Little boat, o my timid soul, are you afraid to live?
The world can treat you right and you have much to give
The island lights across the bay shine like stars at night
Be ready for the dawn and sail towards the light
Sail towards the light, sail towards the light
Sail towards the light, towards the light.