A Worcestershire Song Cycle - CD Album
  • A Worcestershire Song Cycle - CD Album
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Music by Ian C King, words by Chris Jaeger MBE. Commissioned for the Three Choirs Festival in Worcester, August 2011.

Includes 7 songs and 2 instrumentals for tenor, soprano, 3 violins and 2 pianos. This is a classical work with a strong folk influence, the first time such a combination of genres had been commissioned by the Three Choirs Festival.

The album includes four ‘English Folk Tune Settings’ - two striking arrangements of 'Scarborough Fair’ - one upbeat and bold, the other slow and emotive; a minimalist version of ‘English Country Garden / Shepherd's Hey’ and Ian's original ‘Country Rounds.’

Performers: Wilhelm Theunissen - tenor, Hannah Atherton - soprano, Claire Worboys - soprano, Shulah Oliver - violin, Claire King - violin, Theresa Mountain - violin, Amanda Bilson - violin, Ian King - pianos

Five of the songs in ‘A Worcestershire Song Cycle’ are radically revised versions of tunes on Ian's first CD ‘from Root to Sky’ – if you know the earlier CD you may find it interesting to hear how these pieces were adapted to express the mood of Chris Jaeger’s words. Four of the instrumentals are also on both albums with new titles to reflect the Worcestershire theme. It is recommended to buy one CD or the other.

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